Solar Eclipse in Isfahan


Aftab Astronomy Group
Persian Gulf University

These scanned photos are taken while we were on a trip to Isfahan, to visit a seismology center there . We took our handmade telescope with us ,eager to get some shots of the rising eclipsed sun over the horizon.But we lost the view since we got up late. These photos are of the time that sun was well above the horizon ,leaving us with lost hopes of taking photos like this one from NASA's archive.

The camera was a Zenith122, mounted on a hand made 6" Newtonian (f = ~1600mm). We used Konica Vx 100 negative. The rough edge of the Moon and two sun-spots, one of which has a distinct pattern are notable in these photos. We have altered the brightness/contrast and color balance of some of the photos to highlight those features. But you may find the brightness of these images a bit high (since my monitor is always adjusted to its lowest possible brightness).





These photos are the result of a joint work by the members of Aftab Astronomy Group of Persian Gulf University. Some of the members who made this project possible are:

Shobair Ashkpoor (advisor, Prof. of geophysics, space physics, seismology),
Ahmad Gallehgirizadeh (photographer),
Vahid Majidi (financial supporter),
Sadegh Maroofi (telescope builder),
Aboozar Masoomi (trip organizer).