Stolen Persian Treasures in
Boston Museum of Fine Arts!


In Summer of 2002 at Shirin Observatory, we were jokingly talking about ripping off the engraved stones from the walls of Persepolis (Takhte-Jamshid) palace. But it should not be news to you that foreigners have done it repeatedly, of course with the crucial help from some of Iranian traitors. On May 18, 2003, me and my daughter, Raha, visited the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston where we saw many of the stolen Persian treasures there. Among those was a stolen huge stone from Persepolis palace which had the famous "lion and bull in combat" insignia, created about 2500 years ago. As you see in that photo, Raha was obviously very upset about seeing these stolen Persian treasures there. This stone information sheet was saying that it was on lent from "Oriental Institute, University of Chicago". We also saw many golden jewelry, including the a beautiful earring from the period of Achaemenid period, about 2500 years ago, according to the earring information sheet. You can see it on the far right side of the golden jewelry photo. The earring had such a high quality that would be hard to distinguish it from today modern jewelry. As Iranian, we were proud to know about our strong civilization but sad to feel being betrayed by both foreigners and our own citizen during the history. It was reminding us of how Iraqi museums were looted in day light by Iraqis and their foreign collaborators while the occupying forces where witnessing such devastations.

gold at MFA

MFA in Boston

Eearing note

Note of stone

Raha & Stone